My love letter to you 
"Camera doesn't love me. I am not photogenic. I don't know what to do in front of camera. I am not beautiful. I feel awkward." As a photographer, those are THE MOST common things I hear, and what I want you to know is this: As someone who was in front of the camera way to long before becoming a photographer,  I know how awkward it can be. I know you have no idea what to do with your damn hands, how  NOT to have awkward face or where to look. It's normal! YOU ARE NORMAL! Nobody knows!   I get it. I know your struggles and how real they are. (Very real!!!)  That is where I step in :) 
It's my job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It's my job to guide you through your photoshoot, and to make sure you are crying laughing by the end of it :D You don't have to be "photogenic", you don't have to be master in posing or pretend you were born in front of the camera. You just need to be you, unique, unperfect you, with all your flaws and virtues.
I want you to look at this event as fun and cool experience before anything else, and I will make sure you are blown away with your gallery of photographs full of your beauty and emotions :)
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